Fashion & Sustainability - Reducing our Footprint

Even Fashion can become an Earth Lover!

Yes, we all know that despite recent efforts, the Fashion Industry is probably one of the LEAST sustainable industries we have. It's predicted that by 2030 it will only get worst by adding to an already all-time-high water-waste, carbon emission, and waste in general.

Just to put it into simpler terms, the Fashion Industry is the 2nd largest consumer of water. Think that just to do 1 pair of jeans, which requires approx. 1 kg of cotton, they use as much water that it would take 1 person 10 to 13 years to drink. Similarly, it puts out more carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined!! * according to the United Nations Environment Program research.

All this to then have roughly 75-85% of all fashion textiles end up in landfills! This doesn't sound smart if you ask me.

In recent years, many companies in the sector have tried to counterbalance the industry's negative effect on the planet by promoting recycling initiatives, coming up with ways to reduce the waste of water, lower carbon emissions, etc.. However, it's still not enough. Ultimately, it's up to all of us to make sure we can have a more sustainable Fashion Industry. We can still love shopping, we can still buy that trendy T-shirt, we just need to be a bit smarter about it!

We can all play a role in making sure the Fashion industry becomes more sustainable. Not only at the industry level, but even on a personal level, adjusting the way we shop, wash, and recycle.



Did you know that in certain developed countries approx. 40% of clothing purchased is never used? * World Bank research. To solve this, we just need to start buying things we know we will use more than just a few times a year. It's said that we love that new outfit the most when we are in the store. If we are already doubting it as we are trying it, we will probably end up not wearing it at all. Something we can all do, next time we are not so sure about a piece of clothing, let's leave it, and let's give ourselves a few days to think about it. If we really need it, we can go back and buy it. Additionally, part of shopping smarter is finding those Items that you can use and wear in so many different ways. The idea is to have as many "different looks" as possible with as little items as possible! Last but not least, make sure to shop at stores and brands that also share your value and commitment for a greener future.

How to Shop Smarter - Love Icon | Bodeguita NYC Designs Made with Happiness


It's not surprising that we tend to over-wash clothes, just as we overbuy them. The reality is that not everything needs to be washed after just 1 use. First of all, by over-washing, we actually decrease the life-span of each apparel item. Second of all, the amount of water and carbon emissions generated by washers and dryers only add to the issue. Try to leave things out to air instead of excessively washing them. It will be better for your clothes and for the environment. A big thing for me was the infamous "clothes chair." I used to pile and pile my clothes on top of my desk chair only to then toss everything in the washing machine because, of course, they were all stinky and wrinkled. However, I gradually learned to hang my clothes as soon as I take them off. If needed, I might even spray them with some lavender-scent to freshen them up. By just taking better care of my clothes, I now do half the washing and drying I used to do.

How to Wash Smarter - Save energy | Bodeguita NYC Designs Made with Happiness


We are now at the height of what we refer to as "Fast Fashion." We are bombarded by subliminal messages that push us to buy new things, constantly, even when we do not need them. Likewise, to make space for these new items, we tend to easily toss away things that in all honesty are not ready to be tossed. Instead of just trashing everything, make sure to first (1) offer it to a friend or perhaps younger sibling or (2) donate it to a charity organization, if it's still wearable, or, if it's definitely time to part ways, at the very least, make sure to (3) recycle it! Lots of big stores and chains are now accepting old clothes so they can recycle the fabric. Otherwise, try the Farmer's Markets, usually, they have recycling programs for everything included fabric!

How to Recycle Smarter - Recycle Fabrics | Bodeguita NYC Designs Made with Happiness


Here at Bodeguita, we try to play our part in making Fashion a bit more sustainable. 

  • We never mass-produce things. We make each order "from scratch" to avoid that infamous Fashion Waste we talked about. Plus, I love the idea of custom-making every order, it makes it more special!
  • We only use water-based inks and energy-efficient printers to use less electricity and reduce water waste.
  • We avoid dyes and other harsh chemicals.
  • We keep reducing the use of plastic in our packaging.
  • All the damaged/returned products we get back are donated to local charities.
  • We try to use the highest quality of cotton not only because it looks and feels better but for overall durability. Good quality cotton needs fewer washes and will last much longer.

Let's help each-other being more responsible when it comes to fashion. We can all play our part for a cleaner and better environment.

Happy for more sustainable Fashion Industry | Bodeguita NYC Designs Made with Happiness

Shop smart (and happy!) ;-)

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