Helping Others - Why do I (We) do it?

Why do you think people do charity? What makes us donate our time/money/things to people we do not know? Why do we care about some things and not others? Do we do it because we believe in a cause or because it makes us feel better?

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I've been asking myself these questions for the past few weeks. I should start by saying that, right after the Holidays, I always feel some "kind of way." I tend to ponder the meaning of life, possibilities, why things happen the way they do, why some of us suffer while others seem to be left unscathed. Plus, this year, with COVID-19 --- losses, disrupted work, inability to see relatives, prolonged times of isolation, etc, I feel it makes us, or at least me, ponder even more.

But it was after January 6th and the assault on our Nation Capital that I kinda "lost it." On top of all my existential questions ;-) seeing such an utter display of hate, somehow justified by a solid, albeit not a majority, percentage of Americans, was probably, shall we say, the last drop in the bucket. I might also have spent too much time reading comments on social media, which I now dub a complete Cess Pool, and that, obviously, didn't help. 

For whatever reason, I felt I needed to adjust something in my routine and divert my focus (even partially) towards something positive. Since I run a business, I cannot, unfortunately, remove myself completely from social media or just up and leave and change my lifestyle completely.

But I thought -- there must be a healthier way to be "out there" that, yes, will still allow me to run a successful business but at the same time make me feel a bit more useful and purposeful.  And that was how & why I came up with the idea of a new YouTube Series -- A Walk for Charity // Exploring NYC Block by Block.

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Part of my business requires me to create, produce, and post several pieces of content for the 3 mediums I use the most for my business -- Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. So I thought it could be very interesting to find a way where I could still produce content for my business while concurrently helping others.

It was kinds of serendipitous how I stumbled upon the App that would allow me to piece this project together -- Charity Miles. I was looking for an app that would allow me to draw a path to create an itinerary, and somehow Charity Miles popped up in the related applications.

This is an app that basically allows you to track your steps /walks and for each mile walked there is the potential of $1 donated to a charity of your choosing. They have several charity sponsorships from big companies such as Garmin, DelMonte, Brooks, etc., and then they have lots of users like you and me. We walk and "put in" the miles and at the companies "put in" the donations. At the end of each quarter, Charity Miles sends the corresponding charitable contribution to each of the non-profit organizations. When you first sign up, you can choose between quite a few different organizations you want to support. I decided to go with Feeding America for now, since it's estimated that 1 in 6 Americans is now going hungry.

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Every mile I walk gets counted towards what they call "the general pool" of miles for the charity I choose, in this case Feeding America. Plus, I can invite friends, family members, followers, to pledge extra donations for every mile I walk starting at $0.5 cents per mile.

So now, when I go out to shoot videos for work, I can "clock" in all the miles I walk and help raise money for a good cause. These videos I publish cover about a 1-mile(ish) Itinerary around New York City with original audio so you can listen to the sound of NYC and read some fun facts as you watch the video. You are not obligated to donate. These are hard times for many of us, so if you cannot help monetarily, that is totally fine, you can still enjoy the Walks around NYC and maybe you can share the project with others. The more we are the merrier!  

This is a bi-weekly appointment -- videos will come out every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 am ET on YouTube.

My YouTube Channel: Click Here

If you want to help and pledge your support for Feeding America you can find more info on the Current Cycle I'm hosting by clicking here.

Each month, I'll estimate how many miles I'll be walking and create a Pledge Cycle, so those that want to support can join in. Every few months, I'll consider changing the non-profit we support, so we can together help different charities.

You can also read how Charity Miles works over here --

Disclaimers -- I'm NOT affiliated (personally nor professionally) with Charity Miles nor to the Non-profit Charity, I support. The money doesn't go to me :-) -- You will be supporting the charity directly.


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