How to Style a Long T-Shirt For The Perfect Look


One thing that will never change is how difficult it is to "nail" the correct T-shirt length. The main reason is that T-shirts are made based on those standard heights/measures that we all call average, but the reality is we all have different heights and body types, and the same T-shirt won't look the same on us all. I'm a tidbit over average height at 5.6 ft, however, I have a very short waist compared to my lower body, and so plenty of times I find myself with "extra fabric" that I don't know what to do with it!! LOL

If you have the same problem, you probably have seen plenty of YouTube videos on how to style plain T-shirts, long T-shirts, oversized T-shirts, and so on. Here below, I'm sharing my favorite ones!



This is a classic. Make sure to tuck-in the T-shirt all around. I love to first stretch it down completely, tie the pants/skirts over it, and then pull the T-shirt up just a bit so that I have a nice drape all-around my waistline. I especially love this option when it's Wintertime, it's cold, and I do not want to take any chances with cold drafts up my spine ...!! LOL. Also, it's a perfect solution if you are wearing the T-shirt under a snug cardigan or a cropped sweatshirt/hoodie. This way, you won't have extra fabric popping out.

T-shirt tucked in. Style a long T-shirt


This is another classic, a slight variation from the all-round tuck. You basically tuck only 1/4 or 1/2 of the T-shirt, and you leave the rest hanging down. You can do a center tuck or a side tuck, however, you prefer. I love this look when I'm pairing it with some high-waisted shorts or denim. Depending on what kind & how many layers you want to wear on top of your T-shirt, you will have to adjust how much of the T-shirt you decide to tuck-in. I try to avoid this option, If I'm going to wear a cropped sweater on top as I do not particularly like many different lengths showing ... but it's a totally personal preference!


For those summer days when you want to pair your T-shirt with some shorts and maybe have a bit of a crop. You can do a center knot or a side knot, pull it all the way up midriff or at the waistline, the final result is still the same. You will have a much more snug look, and all that extra fabric will magically disappear! ;-) I don't usually do this if I need to wear layers on top of the T-shirt because I end up with a bun poking out, and I just can't!

T-shirt with center Knot. How to style a long T-shirt


Maybe it's not as common as the other "tucks" but it still is a great way to "hide" that extra fabric. Just pull the back of the shirt down and make sure to zip your bottoms over it. The T-shirt will be snug around your waist. I like this option when I'm wearing a jacket that is shorter in the back ... This way, I have a much cleaner look.

How do you like to style your T-shirt? If you have questions or suggestions, make sure to leave a comment below!

Happy Shopping everyone!

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