New Year's Resolutions - Why I don't make them anymore

New Year's Resolutions | Bodeguita NYC

January 1st comes and everyone and their sister seem like they will soon start a brand-new life by the look of their resolutions. I used to make them myself. Grand gestures to toast to the New Year. I went from resolutions along the line of reading more books, paying more attention to the teachers, and doing more chores in the house to start a diet, be healthier, travel more, learn a new language, and so on so forth. 

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However, I've decided to stop this cycle of promises that by all indications has never really brought me any closer to my goals. I've realized that it doesn't really make me want to do any of those things. Maybe it's because I feel like I have a whole year to achieve my resolutions and it's really easy to procrastinate and put them on the back burner. Or maybe because I feel like I need to make several promises which are maybe a bit too unrealistic to keep. And oftentimes, as soon as the first resolution goes, so go the others. 

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So this year, I've decided I'm gonna try something else. Instead of pretending that the month of January holds magical powers that will bring me closer to any of my goals, I'm gonna just treat it like any other month. And instead of making a huge list of resolutions for the new year, I'll write down a daily to-do-list to guide me week by week in my endeavors.  

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Are you someone that usually makes Resolutions? And if so, have you had any success? 
I'll be here if you want to chat and exchange ideas to help us be more focused and productive in our lives!
Happy New Year | By Irene | Bodeguita NYC

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