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How to be More than just a Brand

As you come to explore the site, you will discover that Bodeguita started from a personal self-help journey I embarked on last year -- the infamous 2020. As for many people, I felt so disconnected from the world I had created around me. I realized that probably I hadn't taken good care of myself. I was going through life thinking everything was perfect when in reality I knew that it wasn't. I needed to rediscover myself and bring balance back into my life.

During this journey, I learned that creating for the purpose of just creating & selling isn't for me. There are those that are simply good at selling --"sell, sell, sell" and honestly God bless 'em. For the longest time, I wanted to be good at selling. The kinda person that can "sell ice to the Eskimos", you know? It just isn't me. For me to commit to something and be good at it, I need to believe in the cause. I need to put meaning behind what I'm doing that won't just benefit me and my work but has a "bigger role". So I stopped focusing on the business aspect, on the numbers, and I decided to create based on how I experience what's happening around me.

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My experiences are what drives my creativity. Creating things I love is a way for me to combine my life experiences with my passion for New York and my creative side. I decided to only focus on a few limited editions at a time that spring from current events and happenings and that can be paired to good causes and local non-profits. The idea is that we can all play a part in building e better, more equal & just New York City and help her be the best she can be.

The way I choose the non-profit is pretty simple. Something that's relevant and whose work is very much needed now. Donations vary based on the collection and the local non-profit, but you will see when you add a product to the cart the impact that that purchase makes and you will be able to also round up if you want to increase the donation. So I hope all my creations -- prints, digital downloads, custom-made apparel pieces, etc. can bring a bit extra joy and love into our lives. (* more details on each product page.)

If you want to explore more about Bodeguita and her story -- About Bodeguita.

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