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Hey Beautiful! Maybe you found us through one of our Social Media Accounts and landed here on the site, and if you have read Our Story page, you might know a bit more about Bodeguita by now. 

These are the two LOGOS you might have seen on Instagram

Instagram Accounts // Bodeguita.NYC

So why the two logos and the two Instagram?

I've personally started Bodeguita as an Blog & Shop where people that LOVE New York can connect and share their passion. It's where I share day-to-day life and work in New York City and mix it up with some of "my creations". As a certified Tour Guide and Photographer, I've shared my love for NYC for over 5 years with lots of clients -- fellow Americans as well as Internationals thanks to my family tour company called New York Welcome. With Bodeguita, I simply wanted to add another way to connect with people that love NYC as much as I, and my family, do.

New York is our Home, our Love, our Passion and we are HAPPY to share it with you whether in person while discovering this great city or virtually connecting on social media and by helping you add some NYC-Vibes in your life. 


New York Welcome on Instagram

@NewYork.Welcome | Instagram Handle | Bodeguita NYC

This is the account I grew in the last 5 years by adding some of my photography and videography and connecting with fellow New York-lovers.

Why follow it? If you want to get a daily-dose of NYC, keep up with the latest news, find out anecdotes and fun facts, etc, this is the account for you. Also, it has our Social Shop where you can find Bodeguita's latest merchandise and news on our tours and experiences in the city.

Bodeguita on Instagram

@Bodeguita.NYC | Instagram Handle | Bodeguita NYC

This is a new Account launched along with this web-site. It will be more community-building oriented. The idea is to share our core principles of love, happiness, diversity and beauty, and grow with like-minded people and together build a community of New York Lovers

Where yo Find Us on Pinterest

As for the new instagram account, I also recently started the @BodeguitaNYC on Pinterest. I have to say it's a new platform for me, as I haven't it used much for my previous projects, however, I'm learning to love it. Can't wait to share "Pins" and get inspirations from y'all.

Where to Find us on Facebook

You can follow our main account @NewYorkWelcome on Facebook. There you can keep up with the latest news from the Big Apple. Also, we have the Facebook Shop with all our Prints and Merchandise by Bodeguita.

The Empire at Night is always magical 😍💚💚 BREAKING NEWS 🔜 Next week we are launching our NEW Store — Bodeguita...

Posted by New York Welcome on Saturday, November 14, 2020

Are you interested in Traveling to NYC?

Who knows, never say never, right?! Maybe 2021 will be year of traveling again and maybe your plans will take you to the City That Never Sleeps. Well,  if that's the case, and you want to organize a customized tour with me, let me direct you to our Tour Company Site -- New York Welcome. You will land on the private Walking Tour of NYC. You can request me as your Tour Guide and I'll be so happy to welcome you!

Hope to connect with you ❤️